10th Annual Film School

On Friday April 24th the DOGBITE studio was the place to be, as film lovers flocked for the screening of the 10th Annual Film School Premiere.

Dirty Henry, this year’s offering from the students of Cornwall College is a darkly funny and twisted horror that has made all of us a little wary of that cupboard under the stairs.

The BTEC Media students had just 10 days to develop, script, film, edit and premiere their film, working alongside John Crooks and Brett Harvey for guidance. They also worked with professional actor Steve Kelly who plays the lead role.

The Film School is an annual training workshop that was created in collaboration with Cornwall College in order to provide young, up and coming talent with the invaluable experience of working on a film set environment with professionals of the industry. By nurturing this creative local talent we are contributing to the next generation of film makers, writers, editors and crew in Cornwall.

This year’s production was met by an incredible response, so a huge congratulations to everyone involved.