From Seed to Celebration

From the moment we started creating our pitch for Cornish Orchards, we knew we needed to make something that reflected the beauty of their surroundings in Duloe, their deliciously fresh produce and the excitement that’s surrounding the company’s growing success.

We took a fresh and funky approach that captures the entire cider making process, from its roots in the orchard, right through to that first sip with friends. To get the right look we combined slow mo and real time footage shot on the RED Epic with a Kolor Shak colour grade to produce that sumptuous look and feel. We also threw in some tasty macro footage to capture those mouth watering close ups.

We had a jam packed schedule, shooting both on location and in our studio to get the product shots of the cider looking just right. Our 18ft Jimmy Jib made an appearance for the sweeping birds eye views of the orchard before it was time to head indoors and get a round in. The Stable in Falmouth was the perfect setting for the lifestyle part of the shoot with great light and a group of models who were more than happy to sample the product.
If you want to get a sneaky look at the grading process, check out this little snippet from Kolor Shak’s Michael Todd, the man behind those beautiful golden tones.

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