How do YOU Moshi?

Mind Candy brought the fun, energy, colour and imagination of the Moshi Monster Monstro City to our Falmouth Town this March.

Dubbed ‘Moshi March’, the studio has been full of energy, colour, glue sticks, costumes and castings as we developed the #HowdoyouMoshi? TV advert campaign alongside the brilliant Mind Candy and Carte Blanche.

The adverts that are live throughout Easter, feature the Moshling Trading Cards, Collectable Figurines and the Moshlings Plush Collectables from Carte Blanche.

Catch the 20 and 30 second ads on Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Nickelodeon, Nick Toons, Pop, Pop Girl Kix, Disney Channel & Channel 5 throughout April.

The focus of this campaign was to show kids being more creative with their Moshi Collections. We all know kids love to collect Moshi Monsters, but the brief of this live action ad campaign was to show Kids playing creatively with their Moshi Monster collections and to integrate the concept “What do you do with Yours?” into the creative.

We chose “How do you Moshi?” as a strapline catch phrase – our response “We Love to Moshi!”

Since travelling up to London in late Feb to visit the AMAZING Mind Candy HQ, we kicked off March with a journey through Monstro City and everything Moshi Monster in 16 days of pre-production. Followed by a 3 day fun-filled shoot with 6 lovely talented children and crew, colourful LARGE props, countless costume changes and Moshi Monster fun and energy, both on set and on location. You can catch a glimpse of what went on here:

Finished off with 7 days post-production before delivery to BroadcastersAll in a months work for this talented, dedicated pack of hounds! 

The result: 7 TV adverts featuring 3 product ranges, showing children creatively building, playing and being artistically inspired by their Moshi Monster collections, all supported by Moshi Monster’s ongoing social media campaign.

Follow #HowdoyouMoshi? online through @moshimonsters on twitter and tell the world how you Moshi on the Daily Growl.

Moshi Moshi and Thanks! to all who made this Campaign possible and fun filled.